FENS Voices is a communications initiative that focuses the spotlight on the FENS neuroscience community and its activities in Europe and beyond. Inspired by our community’s exceptional work and commitment, the interview series aims to amplify the voices and experiences of our members, highlight their impact and inspire and inform future neuroscientists, the public and interested groups about brain research. The series also serves to initiate dialogue and exchange within the neuroscience community.

Havva Demir: Neuroscience heals

17 February 2023. FENS had the pleasure of talking to Havva Demir, a FENS member based in Turkey, who first studied Dentistry at Yeditepe University. After working as a dentist for a while, she decided to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience, researching better treatment options for trigeminal neuralgia patients through animal studies. She received a grant for The Brain Awareness Week 2023 from FENS and the Dana Foundation for The Brain Fair Istanbul, her project aimed at middle and high school students. She also loves painting in watercolour, studying literature and even manages a blog.

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Alisha Vabba: Bridging domains

3 February 2023. FENS interviewed Dr Alisha Vabba to find out more about her research and the impact of the NENS grant that she received in 2021. Currently, Alisha is a postdoctoral researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology, where she investigates the role of the body in moral behaviour, using a combination of physiological recording and stimulation methods. In the near future, she hopes to gain more experience in using immersive virtual reality as an experimental means to induce bodily illusions and recreate complex social scenarios.

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Flavio Donato: Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm

20 January 2023. FENS Voices continues to share community highlights by talking with Dr Flavio Donato, FENS member and Chair of the FENS Kavli Network of Excellence (FKNE). Dr Donato is interested in advocating for neuroscience and the support of early and mid-career researchers. His scientific work elucidates the processes that lead to the maturation of the entorhinal-hippocampal network, by showing that stellate cells in the entorhinal cortex provide an activity-dependent signal that drives the maturation of the transverse hippocampal circuit.

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Patrycja Dzianok: Finding “The Force” in neuroscience

6 January 2023. FENS Voices begins 2023 by reconnecting with FENS member Patrycja Dzianok, a Polish neuroscientist who obtained a MSc in Cognitive Science and a BEng degree in Computer Science. She attended the FENS-Hertie Winter School in 2019 and is currently pursuing her PhD in Neurobiology at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS, in Poland. Her research focuses on the study of early biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease, and she was the recipient of the Polish National Science grant in 2018/2019. FENS has been proud to have supported her career goals and to feature her experiences and science here.

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