FENS Friday webinar – Functional dissection of the neural circuits controlling innate behaviours: focus on parental behaviour

Organiser: FENS

Attendance type(s): Virtual

Event Dates: 1 Oct 2021

Registration Deadline: 30 Sep 2021

Important sex differences exist in the neural circuits underlying innate behaviours, such as sexual behaviour, aggression and parental behaviour. In this webinar chaired by Julie Bakker (BE), speakers will present data on how these neural circuits develop and how they modulate parental behaviour in adulthood.


  • Welcome and introduction
  • Development of the neural circuits underlying reproductive behaviour, Julie Bakker (BE)
  • Cell plasticity in the maternal brain, Ariane Sharif (FR)
  • The control of maternal nesting during pregnancy, Nicolas Renier (FR)
  • Brain and neuroendocrine mechanisms of male parental behaviour, Christian Broberger (Stockholm University, Sweden)
  • Q&A session with the audience

Speakers (more information):

  • Julie Bakker (GIGA Neurosciences, University of Liège, Belgium), Chair
  • Christian Broberger (Stockholm University, Sweden)
  • Nicolas Renier (Paris Brain Institute, France)
  • Ariane Sharif (LilNCog Research Center, University of Lille, France)

Registration is now open – please note there is a limited number of places, on first-come, first-served basis.

Live event: Friday 1 October, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm CET.

Event organised by the FENS Committee for Higher Education and Training.

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