FENS Friday webinar: Creating Clear and Informative Figures for Scientific Publications

Organiser: FENS

Attendance type(s): Virtual

Event Dates: 10 Sep 2021

Registration Deadline: 9 Sep 2021

Time: 2-3 pm CEST

Webinar attendees will learn to identify and fix common problems with figures in scientific publications.

Tracey Weissgerber and Guillaume Rousselet will briefly introduce essential principles for designing informative graphs and explore the relationship between data visualization and statistical inference. They will discuss solutions to common problems, including replacing bar graphs of continuous data with more informative graphics, ensuring that the graph structure matches the study design, and creating colourblind safe figures. Alberto Antonietti and Helena Jambor will focus on creating image-based figures that are accessible to a broad audience. Images may be photographs, microscopy or electron microscopy images, or clinical images. Alberto Antonietti will discuss common problems of image figures, and Helena Jambor will demonstrate techniques for designing image-based figures that clearly illustrate a study’s findings.

Registration closed on 9 September 2021.

Contact Details

Name: FENS Office

Email: office@fens.org