FENS Friday: Communicating your science to non-scientists: a how to guide with top tips

Organiser: FENS


Attendance type(s): Virtual

Event Dates: 23 Apr 2021

Science can often seem confusing, scary and complex to an audience who do not have a scientific background, so how do you go about communicating your research to non-scientists?
Research projects and individual researchers are exploring new methods of science communication in order to engage wider audiences and make science more accessible and inclusive. But, coming up with an event idea, choosing its format or knowing where to get funding can be tricky. This webinar is aimed for neuroscientists at any stage who wish to engage the wider audience with their research, particularly for those who are new to science communication. The facilitators will provide guidance to identify your audience, define your format (including in an online environment) and where to look for funding.


Contact Details

Name: FENS office

Email: office@fens.org