History of Neuroscience Call for Projects 2019

18 July 2019


18 July, 2019 in FENS News

Call now open for projects celebrating the history of neuroscience. Selected projects will receive a financial support and will present their project at the History Corner at the FENS Forum 2020.

Call for projects celebrating the history of neuroscience now open!

The scope of the projects for 2019 is to celebrate the history of neuroscience around the globe, to coincide with the launch of the Global Brain Museum project. 

The grants prioritise projects in which historic material such as films, photos, images or histological slides are presented on the web. Projects should be completed within 1-2 years and are posted on an online platform.

Winners of the 2019 call will have the opportunity to present a poster on their project at the History Corner at the FENS Forum 2020 in Glasgow! The best projects are selected for support of up to €1,500 (a detailed budget is expected).

 This call is organised by the FENS History Committee. For further information and details about the call, please go here.

Deadline: 7 October at noon Brussels time