Future Directions in Neuroscience Research

21 October 2021

Neuroscience News, Society & Partner News

What’s the next big thing in Neuroscience research? Wiley has invited editors of four neuroscience journals, published by Wiley, to share their perspectives on what emerging trends and directions are evident in recently published articles. They are excited to introduce the authors of selected papers from their journals to share their insights. Join John Foxe, Vidita Vaidya and Antoine Adamantidis, from the European Journal of Neuroscience, Marco Prado from the Journal of Neurochemistry, Simon Eickhoff from Human Brain Mapping and Junie “Paula” Warrington and Cristina Ghiani from Journal of Neuroscience Research for this session. The presentations will be followed by four parallel “Meet the Editor” sessions. Join Wiley for an opportunity to connect with the journal teams and fellow researchers in an informal, Q&A format.

4 November 2021 – 3:00 pm GMT

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