FENS video contest: let us know your favourite!

04 May 2022


FENS is delighted to announce the best videos from the FENS video contest “Share your neuroscience skills”!

Ten videos in which researchers explain their skills to the non-expert were selected: which one is your favourite? Watch the videos on the FENS YouTube channel and let us know: the more views, the better the chances for their authors to get waived registration for the FENS Forum 2022!

This call is organised by the FENS Committee for Higher Education and Training (CHET).

Help feature your favourite:

Ákos Babiczky (HU) – “How it's made: fluorescent microscopic images”

Ákos Babiczky walks you through the process of making fluorescent microscopic images.

Monika Chanu Chongtham (DE) – “How Karen was saved from a disaster of NUCLEI ISOLATION from small volumes of micro-dissected brain regions!”

Monika Chanu Chongtham shows you the protocol for efficient nuclei isolation from micro-volumes of brain regions, through the story-telling of a normal lab situation where young researchers often get lost in establishing new techniques.

Hanna Dumanska (UA) – “The skills I'd like to share”

Hanna shares her skills in cell culturing, paired patch-clamp recordings and the method of fast local superfusion.

Tanja Fuchsberger (UK) – “What Memories Are Made Of”

Learn how memories are stored in the brain.

Cyprien Guerrin (NL)– “The PhD Thesis and the Hero Myth”

Cyprien Guerrine compares the PhD experience with the Hero Myth.

Willem de Haan (NL) – “EEG on fire!”

What happens when you run EEG data through a state-of-the-art game engine built for 3D graphics? Willem de Haan shows you a demo and explains how to do it yourself.

Cecilia Irene Bava (IT) – “Biobanking for Advanced Scientific Research: our experience at BB-CRESM”

Cecilia Irene Bava explains the process of Biobanking for collecting biological samples in the neuroimmunology field.

Victoria Ossorio Salazar (BE) – “Animal Models & Behavior with Victoria. Episode 1: Pilot.”

Victoria Ossorio Salazar  takes you on a walk through the different steps of an animal experiment in a laboratory specialised in behaviour research (Laboratory for Biological Psychology, KU Leuven)

Jana Marie Sleeboom (DE) – “Light it up - Introduction of voltage sensitive dye in the leech nervous system”

Jana Marie SleeboomThis video introduces the working method of VSDs exemplarily on the nervous system of the medicinal leech Hirudo verbana and the FluoVoltTM dye by Thermo Fisher scientific.

Alp Yiğit Özdemir (CZ)– “Measuring GM1 Levels in Neuronal Cells with Dotblot Technique”

A fun little animation developed by Alp Yiğit Özdemir shows how GM1 can be marked in neuronal cells using the Dotblot technique.