FENS new leadership announcement

13 July 2022


FENS is proud to welcome FENS President Irene Tracey and FENS Secretary General Carlos Ribeiro as they begin their active terms in FENS leadership from 2022-2024. Francesca Cirulli will start her term as the FENS Treasurer in 2023.  

Carlos Ribeiro Francesca Cirulli
Irene Tracey Carlos Ribeiro Francesca Cirulli

We would also like to congratulate the following FENS officers and committee members who were elected by the Governing Council on 8 July 2022.


Ole Kiehn, Denmark (2022-2024) 

Secretary General-elect

Yiota Poirazi, Greece (2022-2024)


Aniko Korosi, Netherlands (2023-2025)

Host Society Committee chair for FENS Forum 2024 in Vienna

Sigismund Huck, Austria (2022-2024)

Programme Committee chair for FENS Forum 2024 in Vienna

Liset Menendez de la Prida, Spain (2022-2024)

Communication Committee

Christina Dalla, Greece – Member (2022-2024)

Spiros Efthimiopoulos, Greece – Member (2022-2024)

Armelle Rancillac, France – Member (2022-2024)

Committee for Higher Education and Training (CHET)

Karen Doyle (Ireland) – Member (2022-2024)

Dirk Schubert (Netherlands) – Member (2022-2024)