ECNP call for submissions for the 2022 “Best Negative Data Prize” in preclinical neuroscience 

23 March 2022

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The Global Preclinical Data Forum (GPDF), in collaboration with Cohen Veterans Bioscience (CVB) and the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP), announce the opening of submissions for the 2022 “Best Negative Data Prize” in Preclinical Neuroscience. The prize, the first of its kind, is now in its third iteration. It recognises the researcher or research group whose publication in preclinical neuroscience best exemplifies data where the results do not confirm the expected outcomes or original hypotheses.

The primary aim of the prize, which was first awarded in 2018, has been to raise awareness about the importance of publishing all well-conducted studies, regardless of the outcome, to ensure scientific integrity and increase public trust in research. When researchers fail to publish negative findings, an important part of the complete scientific knowledge is lost, which could lead to unnecessary duplication of research efforts and potential loss of time and money.

The call for submissions for the 2022 “Best Negative Data Prize” in Preclinical Neuroscience is open until 30 April 2022. The award itself is a monetary prize of EUR 10,000 made available through the generous sponsorship support provided by CVB and will be awarded at the 35th ECNP Congress in Vienna, Austria, in October 2022.

Call for submissions.

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