A message from the Editorial Team of the European Journal of Neuroscience

02 April 2020


02 April, 2020 in FENS News

During your time away from the lab, EJN welcomes traditional research reports, neuro-opinion or editorial pieces. Read the full message here.

Dear FENS Members and EJN Readers,

The Editorial Team at the European Journal of Neuroscience wanted to let you know that we are still open for business in these challenging and tumultuous times.
We, of course, are still welcoming traditional research reports. And to keep yourself busy and productive during time away from the lab, this may also be a good opportunity to write neuro-opinion or editorial pieces – choose a topic in neuroscience that you passionately care about, a controversy to be addressed, or an overlooked or neglected topic.

Submit it to EJN through our regular portal, and it will be read and reviewed by the Senior Editors at EJN.

We hope you stay safe and healthy, 

The EJN Editorial Team