Paris Spring School: Optical Imaging and Electrophysiological Recording in Neuroscience


Organiser: Other


Attendance type(s): Hybrid

Event Dates: 11—24 May 2022

  • 11/05/2022
  • 24/05/2022

Registration Deadline: 31 Jan 2022

A two-week on-site course in the centre of Paris covering optical imaging and electrophysiological techniques applied to the study of circuit neuroscience in intact tissue (slices and in vivo). Content covers: fundamental knowledge, basic optics and electronics practicals, advanced theory, hands-on workshops of patch-clamping, calcium imaging, voltage imaging, field recording, Neuropixels recordings…

An online option to follow lectures only will be available.

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Contact Details

Name: Centre Universitaire des Saints Pères

Address: 45 rue des Saints Pères 75006 Paris




47 Rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 Paris, France