Fundamentals & Applications of TMS

Cardiff, GB

Attendance type(s): In Person

Event Dates: 25—26 Jul 2020

The two-day Brainbox Initiative Fundamentals & Applications of TMS workshop programme has been created in collaboration with some of the UK’s leading neuroscience researchers, including Dr Lorenzo Rocchi and Professor John Rothwell of the UCL Institute of Neurology, and features a wealth of lectures and talks designed specifically to provide all delegates with a solid grounding in transcranial magnetic stimulation. Throughout the duration of the course, delegates will also take part in a number of hands-on practical sessions that will provide a comprehensive knowledge of the basic principles and physiology of TMS, and the TMS research techniques required to design, set-up, carry out, and analyse a successful transcranial magnetic stimulation study.

The practical workshop provides training on:
The history of transcranial magnetic stimulation, and an overview of the basic principles of TMS
An understanding of the physiology of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the motor cortex
Insights into cortico-cortical connectivity
Basic principles and applications of twin-coil transcranial magnetic stimulation
Intra- and inter-hemispheric circuits activated by twin-coil TMS
An overview of TMS navigation techniques
Discussions of the research and clinical applications and limitations of TMS
An introduction into the potential multimodal applications of TMS

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