EBRAINS Workshop: Brain Activity across Scales and Species: Analysis of Experiments and Simulations (BASSES)

ROMA EVENTI – Fontana di Trevi

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Attendance type(s): Hybrid

Event Dates: 13—15 Jun 2022

  • 13/06/2022
  • 14/06/2022
  • 15/06/2022

Registration Deadline: 27 May 2022

The HBP and EBRAINS invite interested scientists to join the forthcoming EBRAINS Workshop on Brain Activities across Scales and Species.
The study of brain rhythms and of spatio-temporal patterns of brain activation is an important test-bench for understanding connectivity and the mechanisms that determine cognitive systems in mammals.
The large variety of available experimental protocols and measurement techniques enable researchers to investigate new scientific questions. In addition, the input from experimental observations is used to design theoretical models able to emulate brain dynamics and cognitive mechanisms in in-silico experiments.
The goal of the BASSES Workshop (Brain Activity across Scales and Species: analysis of Experiments and Simulations) is to provide an overview of the scientific topic of brain states and complexity, state transitions, and their connection with cognitive functions, and to demonstrate the achievements in this field obtained within the Human Brain Project thanks to the functionalities provided by the EBRAINS research platforms.
Lectures will showcase the latest advancements in analysis strategies and whole-brain modelling tools. Hands-On Sessions will allow the participants to be actively engaged and test the EBRAINS functionalities for data storage, curation, analysis, and modelling.
BASSES will allow people with different expertises, from experimental and theoretical neuroscientists to computer scientists, to share results and ideas and connect into a wider community.

Contact Details

Name: HBP Education Programme

Email: workshop.edu@humanbrainproject.eu

URL: https://www.humanbrainproject.eu/


ROMA EVENTI – Fontana di Trevi