Cajal Neurokit: Visual Reactive Programming – Bonsai

Organiser: CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training

Additional Organiser: CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training


Attendance type(s): Virtual

Event Dates: 24—28 Oct 2022

Registration Deadline: 26 Aug 2022

This is a Cajal NeuroKit course that combines online lectures about fundamentals and advanced neuroscience topics with hands-on and physical experiments. Researchers from everywhere can participate because the course material is sent home in a kit box.  This course is now at its third edition. The course is held once or twice a year.

Modern neuroscience relies on the combination of multiple technologies to record precise measurements of neural activity and behaviour. Commercially available software for sampling and controlling data acquisition is often too expensive, closed to modification and incompatible with this growing complexity, requiring experimenters to constantly patch together diverse pieces of software.

This course will introduce the basics of the Bonsai programming language, a high-performance, easy to use, and flexible visual environment for designing closed-loop neuroscience experiments combining physiology and behaviour data.

This language has allowed scientists with no previous programming experience to quickly develop and scale-up experimental rigs, and can be used to integrate new open-source hardware and software.

Course director: Gonçalo Lopes (NeuroGEARS, London, UK​)

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