BrainCamp by Xheladin and Xhufe Morina foundation

London, GB

Attendance type(s): In Person

Event Dates: 29 Mar—2 Apr 2021

BrainCamp is a one-week teaching program that was started in 2018 through the Xheladin and Xhufe Morina foundation, developed specifically to teach Kosovan high-school students about neuroscience. This year however, since it will be held online, the program is expanding to an additional four countries: Albania, Hungary, Latvia and North Macedonia.
Around 20 teachers (consisting of PhD students and postdocs who have volunteered their time), will be teaching 150 high-school students from the aforementioned countries, in a team of two. The week consists of three days of classes (12 subjects in total) and two interactive days where students have ‘debate day’ and ‘quiz day’.

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