Webinar – Latest news from brain research

Online, NO

Attendance type(s): In Person

Event Dates: 10 Jun 2020

Webinar Norwegian Brain Council/Lifebrain – June 10, 15.00 to 16.00 CET

Brain health is essential to enjoy a productive human life. Join our webinar and hear about research news in the EU consortium Lifebrain, which explores data from 16 brain research studies in 7 European countries.

The Lifebrain researchers will present their latest findings regarding the impact of loneliness, depression and sleep on brain health, and they will discuss the use of blood biomarkers to provide information about brain health. They will elaborate on how their findings may influence policymaking and clinical practice and may help every one of us maintain a healthy brain.

The webinar will be recorded and is free of charge.

This webinar is jointly organised by the Norwegian Brain Council and the EU Horizon2020 project Lifebrain.

Contact Details

Email: lifebrainoslo@gmail.com