International Conference on Business Management and Finance(ICBMF-19)

Dubai, AE

Attendance type(s): In Person

Event Dates: 20—21 Nov 2019

ICBMF (International Conference on Business Management and Finance) based on the key terms.
B – Business
M – Management
F – Finance
Its main intention is to provide Researchers, Scholars, Economist and many more individual who are working in these field of studies to put their work and research in front of others. We only know that development of a Country, Organization is based on Technical and Non-Technical fields but we cannot forget the role Business, Management and Finance is playing in it. For every single step towards development of Country and organizations BMF is a key factor. We need to see our present by looking into our past so as to safeguard our future and BMF collectively provides us the way to do this. At present in the fast growing world each and every single second counts in such a case we should be focused towards BMF not separately but collectively. So through this conference we are trying to unite the Researchers, Scholars and Individual from Business Management and Finance to collectively share their Ideas to gain more and more knowledge and use that for a Better Tomorrow. Present your research and get it published in Scopus Indexed Journal IJSCM(International Journal of Supply Chain Management).

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