Human Brain Project Summit 2021

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Attendance type(s): Virtual

Event Dates: 12—15 Oct 2021

  • 12/10/2021
  • 13/10/2021
  • 14/10/2021
  • 15/10/2021

The Human Brain Project is now in its final phase and has continuously evolved, adapted, and progressed to deliver cutting-edge neuroscience and brain-inspired innovation.

One of the key achievements of the project is the creation of the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure.

The Human Brain Project Summit 2021 provides an open forum for hundreds of researchers, plus policy makers, media and public, to discuss exciting scientific results, the latest developments in the project, and the cutting-edge services and tools available on the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure

The scientific conference is a key part of a series of events dedicated to brain research taking place from 12-15 October

The HBP Summit will be a four-day event, kicking off with the European Brain Summit taking place on-site in the heart of Brussels, followed by an internal day of HBP meetings carried out online, and finished off by two days of an online scientific conference.

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