Gender and Science Meet 2021

Heidelberg, DE

Attendance type(s): Virtual

Event Dates: 9 Feb 2021

Do I have to act like a man to succeed in science?
In the recent times, there has been increasing awareness to enhance the gender
equality in leadership in science. Several actions are based on a distorted bias of
the conventional male leader’s approach being assertive, goal and task-oriented,
which is displayed as being superior to `soft´ feminine traits: insightful, empathetic,
integrative and relationship-oriented. For a long time, women have been given the
impression that they have to develop typically ‘male’ characteristics to reach higher
positions, leading to inner turmoil and insecurity regarding ‘Do I have to act like a
man to succeed in science?’. In this panel discussion between leading female
scientists and young investigators, we would like to discuss how a diversity of
behavioral, social and leadership attributes and attitudes can be harnessed best to
create a professionally-balanced and successful environment with a perspective
towards fostering gender equality in science leadership. Young scientists at all
career stages are welcome to join!

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