EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Inter-Organ Communication in Physiology and Disease

Heidelberg, DE

Attendance type(s): In Person

Event Dates: 15—18 Mar 2020

This symposium aims to provide a high visibility platform to scientists who use modern molecular genetic tools to discover inter-organ communications, and therefore to illustrate how much our molecular and genetic understanding of whole-organism physiology has progressed in the last 20 years. Bringing together scientists interested in various aspects of a single discipline, whole-organism physiology, will foster interactions between researchers working in different fields in order to speed up the discovery of novel physiologies. This meeting will also directly address a central question: How can recent developments in whole-organism physiology pave the way to novel and adapted therapies for multiple degenerative diseases? Lastly, it will showcase an approach to modern biology that starts from a question paused at the level of the entire organism and is answered through genetic means at the molecular level.

Contact Details

Email: events@embl.de