Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2020 – Virtual Meeting

Online meeting, US

Attendance type(s): In Person

Event Dates: 02—5 May 2020

The CNS 2020 Virtual Meeting will begin with our keynote speaker, Michael Tomasello, and his lecture “Origins of Human Cooperation”. We will also have award lectures by Marlene Behrmann (Fred Kavli Distinguished Career Contributions Award) and Nancy Kanwisher (George A. Miller Prize).

The four invited symposia will present the latest research:

Making Sense Out of Big Data in Cognitive Neuroscience, Randy L. Buckner, Chair
Role of Causal Inference for Perceptual Decisions and Adaptive Behavior, Christoph Kayser, Chair
Contemporary Approaches To Emotion Representations, Kevin S. LaBar, Chair
Novel Approaches to Non-invasive Brain Stimulation, Jerome Sallet, Chair
Twelve other symposia will cover an exciting array of topics in cognitive neuroscience, including the special symposium tribute to Donald Stuss, “What Makes Us Human?”

Our Young Investigator Awardees will present their award-winning research – congratulations to Catherine A. Hartley and Samuel J. Gershman.

Datablitz sessions will provide a selection of interesting presentations in a fast-moving format. Exhibitors will present the latest in cognitive neuroscience technology, software and publications.

Many thanks to our sponsors* the Kavli Foundation and the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain for supporting our award lecturers. Thank you to our newest sponsor the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL) who is supporting the virtual meeting.

Join us May 2-5, 2020 for the CNS 2020 Virtual Meeting, coming to you from San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, Reykjavík, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Moscow, Kiev, Athens, Istanbul, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Cape Town, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sidney, Auckland, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City and points in between.

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