Brain Awareness Week | Coimbra, Portugal

Coimbra, PT

Attendance type(s): In Person

Event Dates: 13—27 May 2020

The Center for Innovative Biomedicine and Biotechnology (CIBB), comprising the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC) and the Coimbra Institute for Clinical Biomedical Research (iCBR), is celebrating the Brain Awareness Week (BAW) 2020 – a global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain research.

“Journey around the Brain” invites people to a journey through the research being developed at CIBB in the field of neurosciences, by promoting activities such as visits to schools, open labs and Science cafes.
CIBB has the support of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), The Dana Foundation, the Portuguese Society for Neuroscience (SPN) and the Ciência Viva Agency.

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