6th HBP Student Conference

Medical University Innsbruck

Organiser: Other


Attendance type(s): Hybrid

Event Dates: 22—25 Feb 2022

  • 22/02/2022
  • 23/02/2022
  • 24/02/2022
  • 25/02/2022

The human brain is such a complex system that it can only be understood by combining knowledge

and practices from multiple scientific fields. The 6th HBP Student Conference provides an open forum

for the exchange of new ideas among early career researchers working across various scientific

fields relevant to the Human Brain Project (HBP). Attendees will be exposed to the data-driven

and multidisciplinary brain research approach of the HBP and will have the opportunity to use the

EBRAINS research infrastructure. The conference will provide space for extensive scientific dialogue

(both intra- and interdisciplinary) amongst peers and faculty through a variety of discussion

sessions, lectures, workshops & hands-on training sessions and social events. It will take place as a

hybrid event, organised and supported by the HBP Education Programme.

The 4-day confernce will be held in a hybrid format from 22–25 February 2022 with most sessions

being streamed online.

Contact Details

Name: HBP Education Programme

Address: Fritz-Pregl-Straße 3 6020 Innsbruck Austria

Email: education@humanbrainproject.eu

URL: https://www.humanbrainproject.eu/en/


Fritz-Pregl-Straße, Innsbruck, Austria