MSc Brain and Behaviour

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Learning type(s): In Person

Language(s): English

Duration: 1 year

Degrees available: MSc

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Domains: Cognition and Neural Network, Internal States and Homeostasis, Motivation, Emotion and Behaviour, Sensory Systems

Subdomains: Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, Anatomy, Animal studies, Biological rhythms and sleep, Cell excitability, Cell types, Chemical senses, Data analysis and software tools, Developmental disorders, Electrophysiology, Human studies, Imaging methods, Ion channels, Learning and memory, Mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases, Molecular signals and their receptors, Multisensory integration, Neuroendocrine, Neurotransmitters and their receptors, Pain, Peripheral nerve diseases, Psychiatric disorders, Social cognition and behavior, Stress and the brain, Tactile/somatosensory system, Transporters


Liverpool L3 3AF, United Kingdom