Trilateral course on Glia in neuroinflammation

Cluster Description

The “Trilateral course on Glia in neuroinflammation” aims to develop a multi-campus on-line teaching material to be used by master and PhD students in each university member of the NENS cluster. By using a blended pedagogical approach consisting of practical video materials and multi-campus on-line lectures about the contribution of macrophages, microglia and astrocytes to neuroinflammation in the peripheral and central nervous system, the course will offer the students the opportunity to learn more about methods and topics complementary to the ones that are usually used in their lab, without the need to actually visit a particular university. The modular nature of this course will allow further development and sustainability inside the NENS cluster and hopefully, on long-term, will serve as a model of a multi-campus European curricula in neuroscience.

Cluster Partners

Cluster Outcome

The aim of the “Trilateral course on Glia in neuroinflammation” NENS cluster was to develop an on-line teaching material to be used by students interested in finding more about macrophages, microglia and astrocytes and their contribution to neuroinflammation associated with pain, ALS or AD. The course consists of 3 modules: 1. “Macrophages in neuroinflammation” grouped in a downloadable application from AppStore and GooglePlay store produced by University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology; 2. “Astrocytes in neuroinflammation associated with ALS” grouped on the website of University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology, Center for Laser Microscopy ( and 3. “Modelling microglia contribution to neuroinflammation in a human context” produced by University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Health Sciences, A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular (;; All courses consist in lectures and practical demonstrations on the given topic, presented in an attractive and detailed manner, so that the students could learn more about complementary methods to the ones that are usually used in their lab, without the need to actually visit a particular lab. We hope that everybody interested on the subjects will enjoy them, as much as we did while working for them!

Cluster Deliverables

Module 1 

Module 2

Module 3

This cluster is funded by the FENS Committee of Higher Education and Training (CHET).