NENS Brain & Mind Cluster

Cluster Description

The Brain & Mind Cluster joins the expertise of neuroscience study programs in Finland, Denmark, Hungary and Italy.

The goal of the cluster is to allow students to take courses organized at the other partner universities. Since neurosciences encompass several subfields, none of the participating universities can cover all of these areas alone, and together we will be able to offer a larger selection of courses for our students. The cluster activities will also enhance contact of students and teachers from different programs. In the first phase, we will offer online courses to students of other partner programs. Once travel is again possible, we will promote visits of both students and teachers to partner programs. In addition, we will build an online platform for joint activities and aim to further develop collaboration among the cluster partners in teaching and research in the field of neuroscience.

Cluster Partners

Cluster Outcome

The Cluster aims to promote scientific interaction and provide international training opportunities for doctoral students from the cluster’s partner programs. Firstly, the Brain & Mind Cluster gives students the opportunity to participate in courses at other partner universities. As neuroscience covers many disciplines, none of the participating programs can cover all these areas alone, and together we can offer our students a wider range of courses. We offer both online and on-site courses for students from other partner programs and promote visits to partner programs (research grants). Finally, we will organise an annual joint Summer or Winter School in Neuroscience. The first Summer School was organized in May 2022 at the Lake Como School (


This cluster is jointly funded by IBRO-PERC and the FENS Committee of Higher Education and Training (CHET).