By registering with NENS, you join a network of over 200 schools and programmes and benefit from their experience and support. Through the network, all members can optimise the quality, recruitment potential and output of their programme.

NENS presents Europe as an attractive basis for completing neuroscience degrees at the graduate level on the European continent.

Benefits to graduate school programmes registered with NENS

As part of NENS, graduate school programmes can benefit from many advantages:

exchange of best practices with other NENS programmes by participating in the NENS General Meetings;

receive regular updates on higher education, training activities and support provided by FENS and its partners;

eligibility to apply for FENS and IBRO-PERC financial support to organise courses;

support for students’ training and career;

feature their programmes to a wide international audience by participating in the NENS Graduate School Fair at the FENS Forum

– eligibility to apply for Education and Training Clusters initiative

Download the pdf summarising the benefits of joining NENS.

Register with NENS

To become a member of NENS and be included in the NENS Programme Directory as a graduate school programme, you just need to:

– Fulfill the NENS eligibility criteria;

– Submit an online request to join NENS.

The CHET Committee will assess your request based on the NENS eligibility criteria, and you will receive a response to your application within a maximum of two weeks. No membership fee is required.

Do you have any questions about NENS? Contact us via