Attending conferences offers you a way of developing yourself as an academic – practicing public speaking, networking with colleagues from your field, getting feedback on your research. However, being on the other side – organising a conference – offers much more.

You will get experience in organising and planning an academic programme, contacting with leading scientists, writing project proposals, fundraising, choosing an appropriate location, managing the registration procedure, developing advertising strategies and so on. All of this will give you an opportunity to develop valuable transferable skills like leadership, time, people and finance management, negotiating, writing and team-working.

Today’s generation of PhD graduates enters unpredictable career paths and honing skills that are highly appreciated both in academia and industry will make you and your CV stand out of the crowd.

Benefits of organising a conference go way beyond the curriculum – you will learn much more about yourself, overcome new challenges and meet many interesting people that will become your friends.

ENCODS is organised yearly by different groups of enthusiastic PhD students. We are now looking for motivated, passionate PhD students interested in organising the next edition of ENCODS, ENCODS2022, which will take place in Paris, as a satellite event to the FENS Forum 2022 (9-13 July 2022, Paris).

In short, what is it about?

  • Recruit other PhDs in Neuroscience willing to organise ENCODS 2022 in Paris (a group of at least 6 people could be a good start);
  • Start thinking about what your ideal conference would look like;
  • Be in contact with us at FENS and the ENCODS advisory board (former organisers of previous editions) to understand what the main steps in the event organisation are.

We have a lot of materials to share with you and a lot of experience you can build on to organise the conference… and we are more than happy to help you!

Interested in becoming a part of the ENCODS network and organising ENCODS2022 in Paris, as a satellite event to FENS Forum 2022?

Email us at