Job ID: 99432

Postdoctoral researcher for comprehensive phenotyping of neuro-organoids using microscopy and deep learning

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 30 January 2023

Contract Length: 1 year

City: Antwerp

Country: Belgium

Institution: University of Antwerp



Are you an expert in microscopy, image processing and/or organoids that can help us tackle our scientific challenge in the field of neuro-organoid imaging? We offer you a 6 to 12-month full-time contract to jointly prepare a competitive external funding application for a Postdoctoral Fellowship.

More information & applications: Postdoctoral researcher for comprehensive phenotyping of neuro-organoids using microscopy and deep learning | University of Antwerp (

The Challenge

Within the University of Antwerp (Belgium), several research groups have joined forces in the field of neuro-organoids and jointly launch this call for candidates. We have the ambition to develop an end-to-end solution that enables unbiased cellular phenotyping of intact neuro-organoids by using a combination of advanced microscopy and artificial intelligence. Having in hand the infrastructure and expertise for three-dimensional visualization of whole organoids, the key challenges are now a) to improve the image reconstruction so as to expedite the image formation process, b) to unequivocally identify individual cell types and states in toto, and c) to optimally exploit the spatiotemporal image content to predict neuro-organoid condition and development. This requires a unique blend of expertise in biological image data analysis and deep learning.

Our offer

We offer a full-time appointment as postdoctoral research or postdoctoral scholarship holder for a period of min. 6 months to 1 year (upon positive evaluation). During your appointment, you will prepare a competitive application for external funding via an MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship (submission in September 2023) and/or an FWO Postdoctoral Fellowship. If successful, your appointment will be extended with this externally financed fellowship (2-3 years).

Your Profile

We are looking for an enthusiastic and driven candidate that is passionate about quantitative microscopy and has experience in either image processing (including deep learning), advanced microscopy and/or organoid culture. You are eager to help us tackle one or more of these scientific challenges and contribute to the end goal of robust organoid phenotyping.  You have an excellent track record in one (or multiple) of these fields and bring the necessary expertise that, combined with the support from our research groups, can push this field forward. In alignment with the eligibility criteria for FWO and MSCA applications:

  • You hold a PhD in a relevant field.
  • You have max. 6 years of postdoctoral research experience. Extensions of this period are possible in case of e.g. maternity/paternity leave, long-term illness, etc. (see regulations for MSCA and FWO fellowships).

How to apply?

You can apply for this vacancy through the University of Antwerp’s online job application platform up to and including 30 January 2023 (by midnight Brussels time). More information & applications: