Job ID: 99323

Postdoctoral position in Development and preclinical validation of immunotherapy approaches for high-grade gliomas

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 23 January 2023

Employment Start Date: 1 March 2023

Contract Length: 12 months (renewable)

City: Pavia

Country: Italy

Institution: University of Pavia

Department: Biology and Biotechnology


The project aims to validate new immunotherapeutic approaches for the treatment and cure of high-grade gliomas (eg glioblastoma). To do this, we shall use patient-derived tumor cells (representative of brain tumors with different degrees of invasiveness and chemo-/radio-resistance) to develop predictive preclinical models on which to test new therapeutic approaches. The study will be focused on the generation of animal models derived from the orthotopic implantation of patient cells. In these models the following will be studied: i) the invasiveness of tumor cells; ii) the role of the tumor microenvironment on the progression of the disease; iii) the interactions between the tumor environment and the immune system, also aimed at identifying new circulating or imaging biomarkers that can be used for prognostic and monitoring purposes; iv) the efficacy of new therapeutic approaches aimed at modulating the immune response against cancer. The research activity will be inspired by the principles of GLP (good laboratory practices). The experiments will make use of flow cytometry methods, optical and confocal microscopy analysis, as well as correlative MRI/confocal microscopy by applying tissue-clearing methods. These studies will be accompanied by immunohistological analyzes and in-situ hybridization with the RNAscope method.

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