Job ID: 99095

Post doctoral researcher in neurobiology of torpor

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 15 January 2022

Contract Length: 30 months

City: bristol

Country: United Kingdom

Institution: university of bristol

Department: Physiology, Pharmacology, & Neuroscience


We have an exciting opportunity for an BBSRC-funded post-doctoral position in the Pickering group, joining a team of clinical and basic scientists studying torpor. Torpor is a remarkable adaptive and protective behaviour that many species exhibit (including mice), which produces a short-lived hibernation-like state with profound hypothermia and hypometabolism. We are interested in torpor as a model of resilience that might one day be mimicked in clinical settings to improve tolerance of organ dysfunction in critically ill patients. This project will explore the neural circuits that drive torpor in the mouse, the role of analogous circuits in species that do not enter torpor, and identify mechanisms by which the nervous system suppresses mitochondrial activity.