Job ID: 98852

PhD position in Regensburg, Germany

Position: Ph.D. Student

Deadline: 13 January 2023

Employment Start Date: 1 April 2023

Contract Length: 3 to 4 years

City: Regensburg

Country: Germany

Institution: Universität Regensburg

Department: Behavioural and Molecular Neurobiology


 Our DFG Research Training Group “Neurobiology of Social & Emotional Dysfunctions” is searching for a PhD student working on the topic “Mal-adaptive consequences of early life social trauma on adult behaviour and neuronal circuitries”.

What we offer:

We offer a PhD position for at least 3 years (66% according to German pay scale TV-L E13).

The experience of social isolation, social trauma, or violence early in life impacts on adult mental health. Based on our previous results that social trauma in adolescent mice exerts long-lasting effects on social behaviour, the PhD student will study in detail the brain circuits involved in these mal-adaptations. Using the established social fear conditioning paradigm (Menon et al. 2020), the student will reveal acute and chronic alterations in specific brain neuropeptide systems (e.g., oxytocin, CRF) and their connectivity involved in social behaviours and stress regulation in the lab of  Inga Neumann.

Methods such as behavioural analyses, stereotaxic approaches, e.g., for viral vector infusions or cannula implantation, blood sampling and hormone analyses, immunohistochemistry, neuronal tracing, IMARIS, RNA scope, RNA and protein quantification will be used in combination with in vivo fiber-photometry (Calcium imaging), optogenetic or chemogenetic approaches, where appropriate.

The PhD student will be essential part of our DFG Research Training Group “Neurobiology of Social & Emotional Dysfunctions” and, therefore, profit from tandem supervision, the interdisciplinary atmosphere of our Graduate School, the multiple offers to advance in methodological, academic and soft skills, lively discussions during retreats, and the option to spend 3-4 months in a collaborating lab abroad.

What we expect:

  • A Master degree in Neurobiology
  • Strong interest in interdisciplinary research of mammalian socio-emotional behaviour
  • Excellent communication and team-working skills
  • Enthusiasm and great commitment to research

End of application: January 15th 2023

Start of funding: April 2023

For application details please see our webpage:

Further contact:

Prof. Dr. Inga D. Neumann

Department of Behavioural and Molecular Neurobiology

University of Regensburg