Job ID: 96969

FULLY FUNDED PHD: How does the schizophrenia candidate gene SP4 influence transcription during neurodevelopment?

Position: Ph.D. Student

Deadline: 2 November 2022

Employment Start Date: 1 October 2023

Contract Length: 4 years

City: Cardiff

Country: United Kingdom

Institution: Cardiff University

Department: Neuroscience and Mental Health Innovation Institute


Common and rare variants in the gene encoding the neuronal transcription factor Sp4 have been linked to schizophrenia. This project explores how those variants alter the ability of Sp4 to regulate the activity of the genome. The student will gain a range of sophisticated in vivo, molecular biology, and bioinformatic techniques and apply these in order unravel the biology that links Sp4 to brain function, and identify what goes wrong in schizophrenia. Centred in Cardiff University, the student will also spend time in the University of Cambridge, the University of Exeter, and the MRC Mary Lyon Centre. This PhD studentship is offered as part of the GW4 BioMed Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP), and includes full tuition fees at the UK/Home rate, a stipend at the minimum UKRI rate, a Research & Training Support Grant and an annual travel and conference grant based on a 4 year, full-time studentship. Throughout the duration of the studentship, there will be opportunities to apply to the Flexible Funding Supplement for additional support to engage in high-cost training opportunities.

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