Job ID: 96507

PhD Student Position at the University of Lausanne – Switzerland

Position: Ph.D. Student

Deadline: 1 December 2022

Employment Start Date: 2 January 2023

City: Lausanne

Country: Switzerland

Institution: The University of Lausanne

Department: Dept of Fundamental Neuroscience


We are seeking for a passionate and highly motivated PhD candidate with an interest in neuroscience to study how synaptic function in habenula can control adult-newborn interaction. The candidate will obtain a training in electrophysiological approaches and circuit mapping techniques (anatomical tracing, optogenetics etc).

Our scientific objective is to understand how plasticity within precise habenular circuits is determinant to promote approach behaviours toward newborn ( In particular, we intend to understand whether synaptic adaptations at identified inputs lead to the engagement of specific cell-types during parental actions.

Interested candidates hold a Master in neuroscience or related disciplines (from genetics to physics) with a will to work in a Team Effort Way. Technical expertise is not a requirement as the laboratory will provide appropriate training, yet knowledge on synaptic physiology, plasticity, reward/aversion encoding or similar is a plus. Competences in coding (Python, MATLAB), imaging or histology are also welcome.

The Mameli laboratory provides an exciting working atmosphere at the DNF in Lausanne. Our Institute is located in an alpine breathtaking setting and composed by research groups spanning their interests from sleep physiology to neurobiology of autism as well as function of non-neuronal cells ( The DNF is embedded in a larger neuroscience community, the NeuroLeman Network including the EPFL and Geneva Campus with whom we share scientific interests and activities.

The position is intended to start January 2023, and interested candidates can contact Manuel ( joining a CV, contact information of 2 references and a cover letter motivating the research interests. The M-Lab strongly commits to increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.