Job ID: 95919

MSc/PhD student in Neuroscience

Position: Ph.D. Student

Deadline: 30 September 2022

Employment Start Date: 2 January 2023

City: Tuscaloosa

Country: United States

Institution: University of Alabama

Department: Comparative Vertebrate Neurodegeneration laboratory


The Comparative Vertebrate Neurodegeneration lab, led by Dr. Nicole Ackermans at the University of Alabama, is recruiting MSc and PhD students to begin in the Spring (January) or Fall semester 2023 (September) in the field of neuroscience.


The main focus of our group is to better understand traumatic brain injury (TBI) and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) using sheep headbutting as a model for human repetitive head injury. The applicant may bring their own project that complements the lab or can work with the advisor to build one together. Additional projects we are seeking to develop include: woodpecker TBI, establishing a behavioral scale for sheep, AI pattern recognition for stereology and for behavior, headbutting biomechanics, and more!


For this position, a background in neuroscience, animal behavior experience or related fields is desired. Experience with techniques such as stereology, and immunohistochemistry are beneficial, as is fluent English. An MSc in biology is not required but is a plus.


This position is supported by a Teaching Assistant stipend. The successful candidate will have to apply for and be admitted to a doctoral or master’s biology program when finalizing the contract.


Dr. Ackermans’ mentorship style focuses on guiding students towards their goals and supports career development opportunities while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. This lab is a safe space for historically excluded minorities in STEM. Students from underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply! International students are also encouraged!

Interested applicants please send a CV and letter of motivation to before September 30th 2022 to join during the Spring 2023 semester, as the application deadline for The University of Alabama Grad school is October 1st for US Nationals. International students will be applying for the Fall 2023 semester. Applicants will be interviewed on a rolling basis for future semesters as well.

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