Job ID: 95756

Post DOC

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 30 October 2022

Employment Start Date: 1 November 2022

Contract Length: 2 years

City: Roma

Country: Italy

Institution: CERC Fondazione S Lucia

Department: Experimental Neurology


We invite applications for a 2-years postdoctoral position within the “ ASAP CRN 2021 Project from the Michael J. Fox Foundation-Aligning Science Across Parkinson’s., supervised by Prof. Nicola Biagio Mercuri. The project will evaluate the physiopathological aspects of the catecholaminergic circuits in animal PD models. For this purpose will exploit an array of approaches, including slice electrophysiology, patch-clamp in-vitro, fluorescence imaging, Amperometry/Voltammetry, and viral transfection.

Applicants should be EU citizens; should have previous experience in brain slice electrophysiology and animal manipulation in-vivo. Experience in patch-clamp recordings will be considered a plus. General knowledge of neurobiology is desirable. Salary and benefits are competitive to National standards.

The successful applicant will be a highly motivated, proactive candidate willing to take advantage of the multidisciplinary and stimulating environment.

Applications (full CV, names, contacts of 2 referees, and statement of research interest) should be submitted at