Job ID: 95725

Post-doctoral position in Computational and System Neuroscience

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 1 January 2023

Employment Start Date: 2 January 2023

Contract Length: up to 5 years

City: Bordeaux

Country: France

Institution: CNRS

Department: IINS / Bordeaux Neurocampus


The team « Computational and System Neuroscience » led by F. Gambino at IINS (CNRS & Université de Bordeaux) offers­ multiple postdoc, PhD and engineer positions. The objective of the team is to study how motor-related cortical areas together with their subcortical inputs contribute to the transformation of decision function into stochastic motor commands in behaving animals.

Each position will be funded by ERC and ANR grants from F. Gambino for up to five years. The candidate should be passionate about animal behavior research and have a strong interest in neural circuit neuroscience and data analysis/programming. For postdoc positions, the candidate should have strong experience in multiphoton imaging and/or electrophysiology (silicon probes) in behaving animals and/or in computation and signal processing and analysis (matlab and python).

The Gambino laboratory at the IINS ( provides an exciting working atmosphere, in a stimulating and highly interdisciplinary and international environment in a newly established research building, a part of the Bordeaux neurocampus project (Bordeaux, France).

For project details and all other inquiries, please contact Frederic Gambino ( joining a CV, contact information of 2 references, and a cover letter motivating the research interests.