Job ID: 87097

Research assistant in Parkinson’s disease cell modeling and drug screening

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 22 September 2022

Employment Start Date: 1 November 2022

Contract Length: 1 year for possibility for extension

City: Aarhus

Country: Denmark

Institution: Aarhus University

Department: Biomedicine & Dandrite, Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience


Our group is focussing on mechanisms underlying the progressive neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease and related synucleinopathies.

This research project support our cellular investigations of SERCA calcium pump activation in Parkinson’s disease pathophysiology and characterize different small molecule inhibitors disease modifying activity. State-of-the-art cell modeling in both mitotic and non-mitotic cells models will be used along with newly established human neuronal precursor cell derived neurons cultures.

Applicants must have academic qualifications at master level or above in medicine, molecular medicine/biology, biotechnology, or similar, and preferentially have a proven track-record of publishing high-quality research in peer-reviewed international journals. Solid experience in cell culture and immunocytochemistry is important and experience in live cell microscopy, Ca2+ imaging human neuron cultures is preferred. The applicant should be highly motivated, scientifically curious, and a self-starter. Excellent communication and inter-personal skills are a prerequisite. We expect you to be fluent in oral and written English.

Shortlisting will be used in the selection process.

Being part of our groups, you will be exposed to an international and collaborative environment that will allow you to obtain skills in protein chemistry and molecular biology, cell biology, in vivo animal disease modeling and clinical investigations of brain and other bio-samples.

Enthusiastic and skilled candidates in disease cell modeling, preferentially in the field of neurodegenerative diseases, are encouraged to apply.

Your main tasks will consist of:

  • Cell culturing, including human neurons, transfection.
  • Analysis of disease associated phenotypes using biochemical, plate-reader based assays, immunocytochemistry, live cell analysis of Ca+2 responses and state-of-the-art analyses of alpha-synuclein aggregation using proximity ligation assays and alpha-synuclein seed amplification assays.
  • Analysis, interpretation, and presentation of research data including publication in peer-reviewed journals.

You will be under daily supervision and guidance by group leader Poul Henning Jensen.

For further details, contact Poul Henning Jensen via email ( and read further details here:

The starting date is negotiable.