Job ID: 86341

Post-doctoral Position in Microglia Biology

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 30 September 2022

Employment Start Date: 1 November 2022

Contract Length: 1 year, with possibility of renewal

City: Lausanne

Country: Switzerland

Institution: University of Lausanne

Department: Department of Biomedical Sciences


We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to study the role of lactate metabolism in the control of microglial function, in the context of brain ischemia.

Microglia, the innate immune cells of the central nervous system, play important functions in the healthy as well as in the diseased brain. These cells are highly metabolically flexible and able to utilize different metabolic substrates, resulting in diverse functional outcomes. Recent data from our lab highlight an important role of lactate in the modulation of microglial behavior. This metabolite has been shown to exert neuroprotective action in ischemic stroke. However, the underlying cellular mechanisms are not entirely clear. In this project, we intend to dissect the contribution of microglia to the beneficial effects mediated by lactate in the post-ischemic brain.

The project aims at investigating how lactate metabolism influences microglial function in cerebral ischemia by using conditional knockout mouse lines, combined with models of ischemic stroke (MCAo, middle cerebral artery occlusion), behavioral analysis, biochemical and histological approaches, confocal imaging, and sc-RNA sequencing.

Your qualifications: Full habilitation to work with animals is a must. Expertise in ischemia models and MCAo techniques is highly appreciated. Candidates are required to be fluent in written and spoken English. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in neurobiology, be highly motivated, and able to work independently.

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