Job ID: 85542

Computational study of behavior, personality, and mood in mouse groups

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 30 September 2022

City: Jerusalem

Country: Israel

Institution: Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Department: Cognition and Brain Sciences


In the lab, we developed naturalistic home cages for mice that allow us to track more than a hundred complex behaviors such as chases, approaches, and exploration. In addition, our system can track social structures such as dominance hierarchy. We use these systems to study each mouse’s behavioral fingerprint and what makes it differ from its conspecifics. By continuously tracking the behavior for days and weeks, we can quantify the factors underlying behavior, such as the animal’s personality, mood, and emotional state. We are looking for Ph.D. students or Postdocs to further explore the interplay between these three factors and their biology.

Some relevant publications from the lab:

Nature Neuroscience, 2019:
Nature Neuroscience 2016:
Patterns (Cell press) 2021: