Job ID: 85405

1-year Postdoc – CNS pharmacology, inner ear biology & hearing loss

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 31 August 2022

Employment Start Date: 1 September 2022

Contract Length: 1 year

City: allschwil

Country: Switzerland

Institution: Idorsia Pharmaceuticals

Department: Pharmacology CNS


1-year Postdoc – CNS pharmacology, inner ear biology & hearing loss

Job Responsibilities

· Establish and validate rodent models of hearing loss (trauma- or drug-induced) and methods of hearing assessment (ABR, DPOAE)

· Perform literature search for the selection of appropriate models, setup and pharmacologically validate the relevant models and experimental methods

· Sample biological fluids (CSF, blood, perilymph), tissue (brain, inner ear) and perform ex-vivo analyses (e.g., immunohistochemistry)

· Perform detailed data analysis including statistical analysis and accurately record experimental results in electronic lab journals and databases

· Write veterinary animal licenses and internal scientific reports

· Communicate and present results internally and collaborate with other groups of the company

Candidate Requirements

· PhD or Postdoc in science (Biology/Pharmacology) ideally with additional knowledge in inner ear biology (e.g., degeneration of hair cells)

· Hands-on experience in animal experimentation (rodent behavioral pharmacology; knowledge in models of noise- or antibiotics-induced hearing loss, ABR, DPOAE is considered a plus)

· Author of scientific publications in recognized journals

· Recognized as an animal experimenter (LTK1 or equivalent)

· Ability to independently perform literature search and establish experimental methods

· Experience with analysis software and readiness to use new software

· Problem-solving skills

· Excellent knowledge of English (verbal and written)

· Good communication skills, motivated to work in a team