Job ID: 85209

Research assistant position in cellular neurobiology and imaging

Position: Technician

Deadline: 31 August 2022

Employment Start Date: 1 October 2022

Contract Length: 1-2 years

City: Paris

Country: France

Institution: Sorbonne Université

Department: CNRS UMR 8256


One 12 year research assistant (IE) position is available in our lab starting Sept-Oct 2022 to study cell-autonomous neuronal health and resilience mechanisms in response to neurodegenerative insults such as mutant huntingtin (Huntington’s disease). Established hands-on experience in cell biology, fluorescence cell imaging, and molecular biology are mandatory. Established experience with using mouse primary neurons or microfluidics, or both, will be a plus. Interested candidates should have a strong interest for high-end technologies and they should hold a Master (M2) in Cell Biology or a closely related field, obtained not more than 3 years ago, with no more than a 2-year history of French academic contracts.