Job ID: 84885

Postdoctoral associate

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 1 October 2022

City: Geneva

Country: Switzerland

Institution: University of Geneva

Department: Basic Neurosciences


The El-Boustani lab at University of Geneva is looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to research the cortical circuits underlying social cues encoding during joint decision-making in mice.

This project involves calcium imaging of neuronal populations in freely moving mice during execution of novel behavioral tasks. Optogenetic tools will be used to dissect the circuits that contribute to the performance of these tasks, and state-of-the-art behavioral analysis approaches will help characterized mice interactions. Successful applicants will design a research program focused around understanding how frontal cortical areas contribute to social learning during decision-making.

We welcome applicants with diverse quantitative backgrounds, including, but not limited to neuroscience, mathematics, physics, and engineering. We are especially interested in applicants with excellent programming skills (Matlab, python), experience with mice behavior and recording techniques in freely moving animals. Switzerland offers a vibrant Neuroscience community with outstanding research conditions and attractive salaries.

Candidates should send their CV, at least two references and a brief cover letter describing their previous work and future goals to Sami El-Boustani:

Please visit for more details.