Job ID: 84536

Postdoctoral researcher position to study Cerebellum-Basal ganglia interaction

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 15 September 2022

Employment Start Date: 1 October 2022

Contract Length: 2 years (min)

City: Strasbourg

Country: France

Institution: University of Strasbourg, CNRS

Department: USIAS, Institut des neurosciences cellulaires et intégratives


We invite applications for a postdoctoral position jointly supervised by Dr. Arvind Kumar (KTH
Stockholm, Sweden), and Dr. Philippe Isope (CNRS, University of Strasbourg, France).
The project: We are interested in understanding how the basal ganglia and the cerebellum interact
during a sensori-motor task. To this end we use both experimental data (multiunit activity and
behavior) and computational models. On one hand we will record multiunit neuronal activity in the
cerebellum and basal ganglia while animals perform a motor task. On the other hand we will use
computational models to understand how activity in one brain region affects the representation of
task related activity in the other area.
What are we looking for:
– PhD in neuroscience (or Physics/Maths/Engineering)
– Strong track record
– experience in computational modelling of biological neuronal networks and neural data
– willingness to learn to perform extracellular recording in awake behaving animals
Where: The candidate will be hired at the University of Strasbourg, USIAS, France. The candidate
will be based at the Isope Lab. But s/he will work in close contact with Dr. Kumar who will spend
considerable time in Strasbourg in the next two years. Moreover, the candidate will have the
opportunity to spend time in Kumar Lab in Stockholm, Sweden.

Application documents: Please provide following documents in your application package
– Detailed CV
– Summary of ongoing and previous research (1-2 pages )
– Future research plans and explain why you want to study cerebellum basal ganglia
interactions (1-2 pages)
– Name and contact information of at least two referees.