Job ID: 78013

Postdoctoral position in Pain Neurobiology

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 1 December 2022

City: Buffalo

Country: United States

Institution: State University of New York at Buffalo



The Bhattacharjee lab is searching for a postdoc to study basic pain mechanisms. We are interested in ion channel trafficking in pain-sensing neurons and identifying key protein interactions that are involved in this process. We believe that novel analgesics can be developed through an understanding of how ion channels are scaffolded at the membrane and how chaperones control the movement of these channels in and out of the membrane. Approaches include electrophysiology, in vivo transfection, neuronal isolation and pain behavior. There is a chance as well to develop intellectual property. The position will extend finding from this paper:

We are located in Buffalo, New York on the frontier with Niagara Falls.