Job ID: 105439

PhD in Developmental Behavioral Neuroscience

Position: Ph.D. Student

Deadline: 31 March 2023

City: Tübingen

Country: Germany

Institution: University of Tübingen

Department: Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology


We seek a PhD candidate to join the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology (University of Tübingen, Germany) in our project “Sleep-dependent transformation of episodic memory during early life” which is part of a DFG research unit “Information abstraction during sleep”.

The hypothesis framing this project is that sleep during early development mainly serves the transformation of episodic memory supported by hippocampal networks, into persisting schema memory supported by the medial prefrontal cortex. The main experiments will be done in rodents, but work in humans could also be possible at a latest stage of the PhD process.


We seek a candidate with a master’s degree in psychology, neuroscience, biology or biochemist. Most important would be to have a great enthusiasm for working with young animals and high creativity to develop new behavioural paradigms to test cognition in the early stages of development. In addition, the candidate will learn about electrophysiology, optogenetics, DREADDS, and pharmacological techniques.

The candidate should be able to program in Matlab. Knowledge of R and Phyton would be an advantage.

Fluency in English is mandatory, and German knowledge would be very welcome. We are a well-established group seeking a new friendly member willing to team up in an international environment.

Application documents should be sent to Dr Marion Inostroza,  deadline of 31st March.

  • A CV including relevant experience
  • A brief motivational letter, no more than one paragraph.
  • Contact information of 1-2 references