Job ID: 102559

Postdoctoral position in “synthetic biology” toward genetic MRI

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 31 March 2023

Employment Start Date: 1 March 2023

Contract Length: 24 months

City: Bilbao

Country: Spain

Institution: Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience

Department: Laboratory of Brain Circuits Therapeutics


The project is designed to generate novel genetic tools for activity mapping of neurons and glia by magnetic resonance imaging and circuit mapping strategies. The postdoctoral fellow with experience in synthetic biology: (1) Research responsibility will be advanced molecular biology for genetic engineering (gene cloning) with a significant focus on generating genetic tools for MRI. (2) generate recombinant adeno-associated viruses for expression analysis in cultured hippocampal organotypic slices and stereotactic virus injection in the mouse brain, (3) brain slicing, immunohistochemistry of fixed brain slices, and biochemical analysis. Data analysis skills are highly desirable. The postdoc is expected to work closely with other lab members sharing lab responsibilities and working with collaborative partners on the  genetic MRI project.

Laboratory of Brain Circuits Therapeutics