Job ID: 100520

Post-doc position in Neuroscience in Paris

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 15 March 2023

Employment Start Date: 15 April 2023

Contract Length: 2-3 years or longer

City: Paris

Country: France

Institution: Institut de Psychiatrie et Neuroscience de Paris (Inserm 1266)



We are looking for a superb postdoc to join our team “Laboratory of Signaling mechanisms in neurological disorders” at the Institut de Psychiatrie et Neuroscience de Paris (IPNP, Inserm) ( The focus of the team is to identify molecular mechanisms underlying several autism spectrum subtypes, using novel mouse models. We use cell biological and biochemical methods to look at signaling cascades, mouse genetics, mouse behavioral phenotyping, state of the art imaging techniques (live, confocal, STED) and mass spectrometry.

Qualifications: If you have ample expertise in either of the following: live and/or STED imaging (of synapses) and image analysis, mitochondrial physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, or mouse phenotyping, do get in touch! Basic programming skills would be a huge +!