FENS video contest – YouTube channel: Share your Neuroscience Skills

Status: Closed

Application timeframe: Application deadline: 20 April 2022

You have acquired wonderful skills, unique techniques, and learned new methods during your life as a young or advanced neuroscientist. Why not share them with others in our neuroscience community?

FENS Committee for Higher Education and Training  (CHET)  is looking for researchers to create short videos explaining their skills to the non-expert – we will host the videos on the FENS YouTube channel.

All accepted videos will be posted on the FENS YouTube channel on 27 April 2022.

The 10 most viewed, or top videos on the FENS YouTube registered by 10 June 2022, 5 pm CET will be shown during the FENS Forum 2022 (9-13 July, Paris).

The individual producers of the top 4 viewed videos on FENS YouTube channel will benefit from waived registration at the FENS Forum 2022.

Procedure in a nutshell:

  • Choose a simple topic where you are an expert. This can be a simple technique such as performing a histological stain, a PCR or a western blot or a soft skill such as making the perfect graph, or keeping relaxed during a PhD defense.
  • Make a video: 2-5 min maximum length, avi format. We encourage you to include graphics and images.
  • Submit the video via the dedicated form to the FENS Committee for Higher Education and Training Committee (CHET) for scientific and ethical review (in particular if there is any content regarding animal experimentation).
  • If you are a lab member, make sure that your PI agrees with you sharing the material, and if any animal experimentation involved, that you mention all the precautions to avoid stress or pain (for more indications on the responsible use of animal in research and the associated European legislative framework, please consult the FENS Committee on Animal Research (CARE) page.

Check here the Terms and Conditions of the video contest.

Sorry, this call is currently closed