The FENS Regional Meeting Committee

The FENS Regional Meeting Committee (FRM) is a special committee which advises the Executive Committee and the Governing Council on the proposals received from the societies.

Meet the FENS Regional Meeting 2023 Committee


Irene Tracey, United Kingdom

FENS President


Committee Members

Patricia Gaspar

Patricia Gaspar, France

Chair CHET Committee


Manuel Mameli, Switzerland

Member of the Programme Committee


Liset de la Prida

Liset Menendez de la Prida, Spain

Chair of the Programme Committee


Past FRM Committees

Past FRM Committee Chairs

Jean-Antoine Girault, France


Jean-Antoine Girault, France


Carmen Sandi

Carmen Sandi, Switzerland


Barry Everitt, United Kingdom


Monica Di Luca

Monica Di Luca , Italy


Marian Joëls , The Netherlands


Sten Grillner , Sweden


Past FRM Committee Members
FENS Regional Meeting (FRM) 2021

Jean-Antoine Girault, France, Chair
Carmen Sandi, Switzerland
Fritjof Helmchen, Switzerland
Domna Karagogeos, Greece
Raul Andero Gali, Spain

FENS Regional Meeting (FRM) 2019

Carmen Sandi, Switzerland, Chair
Barry Everitt, UK
Thomas Mrsic-Flogel, Switzerland
Menno Witter, Norway

FENS Regional Meeting (FRM) 2017

Barry Everitt, UK, Chair
Monica Di Luca, Italy
Rui Costa, Portugal
Menno Witter, Norway​​

FENS Featured Regional Meeting (FFRM) 2015

Monica Di Luca, Italy, Chair
Marian Joëls, The Netherlands
Silvia Arber, Switzerland
Menno Witter, Norway​​

FENS Featured Regional Meeting (FFRM) 2013

Marian Joëls, The Netherlands, Chair
Martine Ammassari-Teule, Italy
Silvia Arber, Switzerland
Sten Grillner, Sweden
Ferdinando Rossi, Italy
Leonidas Stefanis, Greece

FENS Featured Regional Meeting (FFRM) 2011

Sten Grillner, Sweden, Chair
Marian Joëls, The Netherlands
Jean-Pierre Hornung, Switzerland
Ole Kiehn, Sweden
Michal Novak, Slovakia
Helmut Kettenmann, Germany